Rocky Smile

Rocky's Life Mission: "To be an Infinite Flow of light, Elevating the world with medicine of Self-Love."



MS- Kinesiology, NASM, RYT- 400, TRX, Love advocate, Peaceful Warrior



Sarah's Life Mission: "To be a bridge for authentic and empowered living through unconditional love and radical self-acceptance."



Pharm-D, Intuitive Life Coach, Evolutionary Astrologer, Reiki lvl 2, RYT-200, Team Love


WHy we do what we do:

As fate would have it, Rocky and Sarah were living parallel lives over 1500 miles apart. After a lengthy stent in the world of numbers, quotas and medicine, Rocky and Sarah both decided to take a leap of faith into the deep end of conscious-living for the promotion of love and light. Destiny brought these two together in September 2017 in Huntington Beach, California when a number of synchronicities pointed them to each other and to the shared responsibility of leading the charge for Team Love.

Both Rocky and Sarah are life coaches and yoga teachers and share a vested interest in the elevation of humanity through the teaching of self-love. Sarah leads women's empowerment workshops focused on conscious-living and self-care and teaches yin yoga. And Rocky teaches nutrition, kinesiology, vinyasa yoga and mindfulness workshops as a compliment to his personal training and health coaching practices. 

While Sarah reminds Rocky of the joys in slowing down to sip the sweet nectar of life, Rocky shows Sarah how to fly high enough to dance with the stars. Together, the duo have enjoyed the bounties of elevating love in new ways as they march together with purpose. Sarah is a modern-day Medicine-Woman, employing prescriptions of self-compassion and healing through her deep practices in intuitive life coaching, evolutionary astrology, meditation, reiki, and art. Rocky thrives in flight, and lives to spread joy and light in his mission to elevate the world. He has over a decade of experience in health coaching, personal training, nutrition, yoga and meditation. Catch him in the surf or in the mountains, on an expedition to foreign lands or on a "moving meditation" on his local surf break. 

Wherever these two go light emanates and love reverberates. They would love to invite you into their newest venture and to share the light with You. 

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